3. Punk Dandy

Being a Dandy is punk. Punk is rebellion so Punk Dandy.
Being a Dandy is a celebration of individuality and self-creation. The Dandy is trying to make a statement against mass Punk Dandyproduction. Men are sold a look that is designed for men by men and by society. It is boring. Blacks, browns and greys are colours sold to men. Wear a flower in a button hole jacket and you are in a minority of men. The Dandy is not conformist. The Dandy is trying to undermine the tools of modern technology. Its anonymity and meaninglessness. It is a reaction against the blandness of the masses. The Dandy wishes to create an individual artistic vision that cannot be reduced or copied.

The gender and sexuality of a Dandy is more blurred. Is a Dandy gay, bisexual, trans, or just dressing up. Or straight? To be pigeon holed is to be judged in our judgemental performance obsessed society. Being able to perform to our own story is a basic human need. Our story is unique. The Dandy is not just about dressing well. But dressing to separate and individualise. When the word Dandy is used casually, we refer to men (it’s almost always men) who are fussy, or even anachronistic.

For the Dandy every look, gesture, and colour becomes a performance. Books written on Being a Dandy created detailed theories of the Dandy. The figure of the Dandy was not just aesthetically pleasing work of art but also an unsettling, rebellious form of expression. Oscar Wilde is seen as the ultimate Dandy.
Witty acerbic and slightly threatening. Punk Dandy

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