45. Public School Boys Games

So Labour have lost the election again. They have only two elections in the last 50 years.
Brexit has muddled British Politics. Usual Labour voters voted Conservative to Get Brexit Done

One way of thinking about the political scene is to see it as an exercise in non representation. Cameron introduced the Brexit Referendum, to appease the Tory Right. Johnson represents an elite who benefit from Brexit by corporate profit. Corbyn represents Brexit (but couldn’t say so) to benefit left wing idealogue.
Public School Boys Games

The common theme is that they are each representing themselves. Not who they are elected or paid to represent. This is an expression of a political system that is unrepresentative.
If the system is unrepresentative, the people in it are also going to be unrepresentative.

If Cameron had looked outside the Westminster Bubble he would have seen the signs. If Corbyn had reached out to the dessimated working classes in the North, he might have had a clearer Brexit Mandate. Both decent?, well meaning? men who looked in rather than out.

While Johnson immoral, and unscrupulous, flexing any way to gain advantage. Win or Lose. The unrepresentative system creates a vacuum, for the immoral to work their schemes. Whatever works to their advantage is used. There is no base or platform that can predict behaviours except to see the behaviours through the lens of advantage. Johnson doesn’t know who Johnson is. Like Blair who doesn’t know who Blair is. Both suceeded in ruling the UK to their own advantage.

This all begins at Public School. A training ground setting up young boys to compete, and win. The intensity of the Public School Experience creates a bubble of expectation. Where winners are winners, and there is no way you want to be a loser. Losing is what is to be avoided. Not the joy of winning. The competition is so intense that young boys have to create a winning persona. Away from the more stabilsing effects of family and community.

Detached from themselves to win. This creates a dangerous, devious and highly intelligent individual mainly bound for the City or Politics.
Public School Boys Games


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