3. Proceduralism

When of the enduring questions for the left and centre is how Populist politicians are so attractive to the electorate? One answer might be the rise of measurement and its administration leading to a culture of Proceduralism.

The increase of rules, excel sheets, quality reviews, & audits all done in the medium of powerpoint has created a management class at odds with the workers trying to provide services. Those service workers generally see society as a network of human relationships. Those who manage the workers as a set of rules in organisations and institutions.

This sets workers and managers apart. The idea that managers are overpaid and that their salaries could fund services is not new. But the culture of work is overtaken by this culture of measurement to create social classes with these ambitions. This started with Thatcherism and is continued and prospered with both the left and right political parties in the Uk. This obsession with paperwork and filling forms is most prevelant in the Uk. 312k accountants and 150k lawyers make up a large part of the Uk workforce.

This might help explain the attraction of populist politicians. Even if they come across as shambolic and impulsive they radiate a can do attitude. Cut through the Proceduralism and get it done!
This idea of cutting through the red tape of the management class goes to the heart of life in the Uk.
It is attractive to think that Populist politicians can bypass this management culture.
It looks like this is what the new Uk government is going to try to do.


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