44. Politician Mysogyny

A traveller asks a man sitting on the side of the the road “Which is the way to Jerusalem?” The man replies “Jerusalem?” Not understanding what he says. The traveller asks the same question again with the same result. This is repeated several times when suddenly the man on the side of the road exclaims “Aaah Jerusalem!” and shows him the way. 

UK politician makes a joke referring to a sexual predator who is all over the news. There is an outcry as it seen as trivialising sexual assault. Anger, disbelief, resignation, and despair are expressed. Politician Mysogyny.

Taken at face value the politician is being crass and insensitive in an attempt to be funny. Is there a lack of empathy  with women where men have power over them?  When are men in a similar situation? Boys will be boys? A lot of politicians are educated in single sex schools creating a warped immature experience of women. Objectifying them. 

Is it deep in the male psyche that men have to hunt women? To own them, like cattle or territory? It appears that Mysogyny is deep seated and unconscious. Popping out in banter and humour.
At the heart of Msyogyny is a wound of hurt and pain. Men’s hatred of women comes from a deep hurt and insecurity. Men have always felt threatened by women, their power of birth, their connection to emotions and a gentler testosterone free sensibility.

Like the traveller to Jerusalem our stories of pain need to be repeated and repeated to be understood. The story needs to be told and retold for a deeper understanding of meaning.
What happened to us and how did we get here?
What happened to men and how did men get here?
Politician Mysogyny.

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