11. Philotimo

Philotimo is a Greek word which is not translatable. Literally meaning love and honour. Learning or training will not create it. It is inbred. So it is part of the self. It is a choice of life. A Philosophy. To live well with honour. Without self gratification. Without gain.

Because the idea conveys a sense of pride in family, community, and living the right way.
“that deep-seated awareness in the heart that motivates the good that a person does. A philotimos person is one who conceives and enacts eagerly those things good.”

A way of life that benefits the receiver not the giver. Many find people today selfish, individualistic, & social media driven. Have people changed that much? Or a complaint that the world is changing too fast. Or changing in a way that we have little control over.

So to fall back on the old idea of a time before seen as more simple and straight forward is required. A natural longing for the pace of life to slow down and be more simple.
The recurring idea that previous times are simpler is a trick with little truth. All times are complex and a struggle.
The wish to escape this pain is an enduring human trait.

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