2. Phenomenology

Phenomenology – the study of the subjective objectively. Confused?
Rather than a science it is an art: a way of seeing the world. An examination of what are
the ways we think about the world with a degree of philosophical skepticism.

Our whole view of the world is subjective though we like to think of it objectively. In other words what we think of as our own personal laws/values defines how we see ourselves and others.

For example hard work. Some are educated through family values that hard work is good. But is it always? Is this value open to being exploited? The values and attitudes to work are changing with newer more informed younger generations. What to one generation was a law of hard work to be tolerated even bypassing enjoyment or satisfaction. Newer generations don’t want to do this. They want more fulfilment and meaning from their work.

So the subjective has changed. What was seen as hard work is good, has now become more objectively looked at. Which then changes the subjective, to be challenged and renewed.

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