19. Pentimento

Pentimento is the Italian word for the artist’s method of experimenting with painting different versions of the composition.  In other words the painter tried their idea out, didn’t like it, then eventually covered it up with the final version.

Like takes in the music recording process. Nobody would be surprised at several takes before the artist was satisfied with the sound. Or the first take being the most pure and original.

The Mona Lisa for example has another face and smile covered up under the layers of paint as Da Vinci was trying out his ideas. What is exciting for us in the 21st Century version of life having to put a value on everything: Pentimento proves authenticity. Why would a copy copy the different versions and experiments of a painting? The copier would not have this knowledge of how the painting was created.

Another way of seeing people? We all have our social face to the world. But under the layers of personality, experiments, and trying out different ways of living life other personailities emerge. Related, similar but also different constantly contributing to what we call me.

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