31. Pandora’s Box

The myth of Pandora’s box is used to describe a situation where if you start to look, more and more trouble will Pandora's Box emerge. In fact the impetus behind the remark is that you shouldn’t look in the first place. Pandora’s box was actually a jar. Zeus told Pandora not to look in the jar, knowing that she could not resist the temptation of opening the lid.
The myths choose women like Pandora and Eve who cannot resist temptation. From a feminist perspective even our myths describe mens’ fear and hatred of women.

Out flew all the evils in the world which men and women would have to suffer for the rest of time. What is interesting is not what escaped out of the jar. We all live with the evils of the world. But the only ‘evil’ left in the jar was Elpis or hope. There are two ways to go with this. One that it is an evil. It was just left in the jar of evils, so that we all suffer in vain. Or that hope was being kept intact from humanity.

We hope all the time. We hope that things will turn out alright. We hope where there is no control. Hope transforms us into a future where somehow the problem has resolved itself. Hope is the opposite of being in the present.
The Now. Emotionally it is an avoiding mechanism. Hope keeps us away from feelings of doubt and fear.
It protects us from feeling bad. Pandora’s Box.

As always avoiding feeling bad doesn’t always end well. We lose the valuable information of doubt and fear. The information which might make our impression on the future more helpful (not hopeful) is lost.
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