9. Oxfam Abuse

Oxfam abuse is in the news about its workers using vulnerable women in vulnerable parts of the world for sex. Apparently this is new news. Working abroad in challenging conditions trying to help a desperate local population attracts a certain kind of man. There is no infrastructure to enforce law and order. Rules are made up, to suit the situation allowing opportunity to be taken advantage of.

As ever the majority is tainted by the few. But the few are confident, charasmatic, entitled and priviledged. The education of the priviledged is in private schools where a sense of entitlement and getting what you want at any cost is subtly and not so subtly nurtured. This expectation with the networks to support this expectation creates rulers and managers with power.

The mix is the same. Men with Power, & Vulnerable Women with no power. What happened in Haiti was clear cut where the abuse of power was obvious. The charities allegedly tried to cover it up.
Men in power covering for men with power?

But abuse of power nearer home is a complex and tricky. The legalisation of prostitution is a popular liberal idea of the moment. But is all prostitution abuse? It seems that abuse has to be taken on a case by case basis. Does consent make the relationship non abusive? Even then is it up to the individuals’ judgement of morals and values as to what is abuse or abusive?
Oxfam Abuse 


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