35. Overshare

Overshare is the term for giving out your personal details on social media. People go onto social media sites the Adrian Scott North London Counsellor Blog      www.counsellingme.co.uksame way they go into their kitchen. It is safe and familiar, and whenever we feel safe and familiar we let more of ourselves out into the open social world. There are obvious dangers to this. People say too much or post pics of themselves that they might regret afterwards. Then other people pick up on this information and use it against the person.
Overshare is seen as making an effort to make a connection with someone. Being on social media is used to invite intimacy and belonging into peoples’ world from the safety of their own kitchen.
To challenge this idea to make an actual connection with someone is more complex. Does Overshare create a connection? Maybe. But if not then what does? Common interests? Being a friend? Sharing experiences? Perhaps there is no easy way to describe a connection with another person. It is something so universal that there is no way to capture it. Thank Goodness. Overshare expresses a need to make a connection but the chances are that it gives people information to tease or antagonise. There is no way to discern whether social media makes connections for people or not.
To be positive social media is a brilliant way of connecting with people all over the world every minute of the day. It creates groups of people who can share things about each other never possible before.
On the other side it can create a false reality where people do not have the opportunity to practice real life skills face to face to make a connection.

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