13. Oubliettes

Europe or countries that reside in Western Europe! particularly the mainland are learning again about the cruelty of war. The atrocities which older generations experienced in World War II are played out in Ukraine. A buffer zone between enemies. Random killing of families trying to flee beseiged cities. The kiling of civilians and the raping of women standard tactics of modern warfare. Cruelty beyond cruelty.

To the priviledged and safe populations of the world: shocking and abhorent. Yet to the states in buffer zones, or conflict areas, a background to everyday life.

Yet it seems it has always been. Oubliettes – forgotten rooms like dungeons with stakes. Prisoners were thrown in to die. Forgotten and left to the rats. Ready for another prisoner. There was no thought to keeping them alive. Literally forgotten, starved, never to be seen again.

The cruelty of man – men – seems infinite, on many levels. Lest we forget we are at base animals. Created to survive and reproduce our brains don’t care about much else. Competitive, protective, self serving, ready to fight the other tribe. Mens’ behaviour dominates the ancient and the modern world.
Time for a change.

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