29. Opiate Man

Middle aged Opiate man is dying of accidental overdose beating suicide into second place for the first time.
Middle aged women are dying mostly of breast cancer. Apparently opiate users are aging and their bodies cannot  take the strength of dose.

Basically men are addicted to opiates and mis-manage their medication. But why are men addicted to opiates in the first place? Anxiety management? Pain management?  As ever with statistics the truth under the statistics is not clear. Another consistent point is the comparison with women who appear to live more positively with reality than men do.

Women don’t appear to need stimulants as much as men do to cope with the challenges of life. Perhaps we return to the same old argument. That men are generally not educated or nurtured to be with and express their feelings. Missing one of the secrets of life – Letting your emotional compass guide through periods of pain, stress and strain.

Men talking to men about feelings is unusual. Men do things with one another in a way that the focus is on the shared task. Even younger men appear to be educated and nurtured not to express feelings. Is this ever going to change? One day the statistics might show men dying of natural causes on a par with women.
Opiate Man

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