18. Offensive PC

Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far? For some not far enough.
It has paved the way for a culture that uses language that does not discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion etc. PC is said to be the decent way to think, in an ever shifting world of more fliud identities. The plates of power are shifting. A new world order is possibly emerging.
Offensive PC

But what of the crusty losers? Where PC aims to protect the marginalised and disenfranchised, PC attacks the sections of the population hanging onto the old world order. With something to lose they hang onto this old world order hoping for a return to an older age.

And there is some truth in that if you change the language you change the culture. But it takes a while. A long while.
Unfortunately PC does not allow us our fears, prejudices and hatreds that we all have deep inside us. In the therapy profession when a client tells us of suicidal intention: we ask more about it. We try and bring it to the surface. So that it can be talked about and thought about with less likelihood of being acted out.

PC is not so flexible. It does not allow for our fears and hatreds: so where do they go? They stay repressed: frozen ready to be awakened: triggered by frustration and powerlessness. Brexit and Trump can be interpreted in this way.

Our society at this time does not cater for all of the human. Some have escaped the poverty of a primitive age to be saved by mass consumerism and capitalism. But has it gone too far. Humans work like a pendulum. A pause is only allowed at each extreme: the middle grey area is rapidly passed through.
Offensive PC


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