12. Obama Crush Kamala

Obama Crush KamalaObama Crush Kamala
President Obama’s comment about Kamala Harris “the best-looking attorney general attorney” in the country has divided opinion. Does Obama Crush Kamala?
The comments range from women wanting to be complimented like this to women being insulted by being judged by their looks in the workplace rather than their work performance. What did Michelle Obama think: mother of his daughters?
The president finds the transformation of his daughters to young women a challenge.

Meanwhile on this youtube clip a young woman has a “Crush on Obama”
What’s happening? The inequality between men and women rages on.
Would a female president (there hasn’t been one yet!) compliment on a good looking male attorney? Would the reaction be the same then? Is a young woman having a crush on a US president inevitable: considering the power and stature of the role?

There is a lot of confusion between sex and sensual. Sex sells: sensual is more subtle.
Are men more focused on the sexual – and women on the sensual? The choice of materials and textures in womens’ clothing is wide. Silks, chiffon, suede, and leather among them. The choice of mens’ clothes is lacking: men are called dandy or their sexuality questioned if they wear different textures other than cotton, cords or denim! Men see women dressed up to attract men: while women want to feel good and sensual?

It looks like women are still judged more on their looks, than men. Nature or nuture? A way of oppressing women by judging them on something they have little control over?
Is it power? Having power over a sex that is more powerful? Got to keep women down?

The conditioning of boys and their attitudes to girls starts early with parents and families. One behaviour is reinforced by approval or being ignored. Another behaviour is reinforced by triggering anger or surprise. The ideas that boys collect from a young age are subtle and drip fed.
By the time of adulthood attitudes to women are in place.
What were the President’s collected ideas?   

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