34. Not Eden

Not Eden
Eden is a film chronicling the progress of French club culture music and its eventual downfall.   Not Eden
It starts positively enough with the youth and hope of starting something new. Hollywood does this well as it is part of the pioneer spirit. But Eden describes a very European music movement in that its scale and reach is smaller and more local.

To be honest it almost gets tedious half way through. There is a coldness and disassociation to the characters’ expectation of success. But then in a totally unexpected way and without noticing it you find yourself in a drama. In the middle of a parable of grief and loss.

The transition is so subtle. The impact of the main characters still hanging on to their creation while audiences have moved on is so painful and inevitable you feel your heart is going to break. Arrogance and entitlement turn to disbelief then grief and loss.

The change from popular young gun to lonely middle age is poignant and moving as it is portrayed in such a calm but gentle way. It is this gentleness that invites you in  without you noticing.
Just like the real thing in life.
Not Eden

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