10. Nostalgia

Nostalgia sells. Trump sold it, the Leave vote sold it. A mixture of yearning, grief and home coming. A longing for the past: childhood, when the UK was white, and the free market yet to be unleashed. The sense of loss of a great country US or UK forces a yearning for the golden years. Those who have lost or perceived to lose the most, create a feeding ground for nostalgia.

Even the European Union is not free. The EU holds a nostalgia for a time before the world went to War? A way of life uncorrupted by an Anglo Saxon life style of work and work? Without joy.

The aim of therapy is to transform our obsession with the past into plain old grief. The relationship to the past instead of blocking life informs the potential for a future informed by the past not dominated by it. The longing for our past, a home, past objects determines a healthier future of desire and free will.

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