17. No Song

He turned to me and said, I havent written a song in three years.’ ‘Why?I said, Whats wrong?
He made a vague circling gesture with his hand taking in both of us, the swimming pool, the high hedge, the manor house, the apple orchard, the walled garden, the mare and foal, the swallows in the eves, our beautiful arboured wives, and the pure, blue sky itself and said, There is nothing to write about.’ Then he pushed off into the water.

Like the Great Gatsby a glimpse into lives of wealth, priviledge wrought in emptiness, & meaningless. How to connect to what is sold to us as success? To believe that wealth is not the answer is not convincing in this time of consumption. We are all corrupted by the idea of wealth with many still to be convinced that money is not the answer.

Human nature has always been gripped by the idea of money: a metaphor for safety. We are dominated by wanting to feel safe: but if our version of safety is unsafe we are doomed to repeat. Make more and more money to satisfy trying to feel safe.

Money is comforting & comfortable, but takes the edge of the rough surfaces of ourselves. The broken pieces, flaws, grooves and scars which make us. No Song Bryan

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