15. No Pre-empt

No Pre-empt
800 people drowned trying to find work and hope in Europe. Summit called to discussed what Europe can do. The Prime minister, Chancellor, President are all blamed for not doing something to stabilise Libya, and break up now    www.counsellingme.co.ukestablished smugglers’ routes. Up until now 2.5 thousand souls have died in the Earthquake in Nepal with the risk of continuing tremors. Local people fight for a pedestrian crossing as child is killed crossing a well known dangerous road.

To start a preventive measure to stop something unpleasant happening before it happens seems difficult. All the signs are there. Everyone knows what is going to happen. The syndrome of a car crash waiting to happen. In cinematic slow motion the car inches its way forward to the collision which is inevitable and we can do nothing about.

Is this the politics of money and infrastructure? There is never enough money so the money that is to be spent has to be seen as valid. Imagine being in a meeting to argue for two new pedestrian crossings: one where the crossing is going to be built where somebody has been killed, another where the crossing needs to be built on a dangerous bit of road before somebody is killed.

Perhaps under all the pessimism and cynicism of modern life we are all eternal optimists. It will never happen, only to someone else in the news.  The Dunbar number claims we can only cope with knowing 150 people at one time: contrary to the Facebook Community! If nobody is hurt in this group of 150 we can see our lives as being safe and manageable.

There is so much to do and be distracted by that we are all over whelmed. The rush of life helps us to avoid pain and hurt. We can only deal with what comes up: not what we can imagine might happen!

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