25. Nice Truck

French Flag flyingThe events in Nice,France over the last week are shocking and brutal. That a man, a human being would drive the Nice truck Nice Truckinto a crowd. Swerving from side to side to kill as many other human beings as possible seems incomprehensible. There is no excuse. No rhyme nor reason.

The perpetrator at the moment looks like a loner with no direct link to any terrorist organisation. Quiet, strange and alone he was a figure to be wary of in his community.
Prone to outbursts of violence against wife & a petty criminal known to the Police but not to the Intelligence services.

So in a way it makes sense. His profile is not that of a terrorist mind. Organisations bent on creating destruction
in the West weed out unpredictable personalities. They are seen not to be safe around guns and bombs! The terrorist is more rational and calculating, believing that they are doing something good for the cause. Charismatic leaders and putting the group before the individual cements this belief as reasonable.

So without a cause or the support of a group what motivates such a perpetrator? People like this don’t access services let alone psychological services. They feel marginalised and outside society. Is this an extreme version of the Brexit vote and why the remain are so frightened?

There is nothing more dangerous than someone who feels it cannot get worse or has nothing to live for. No hope and no future makes people angry and want to hit back violently. The Brexits wanted to destroy the cosy comfort of the Remainers. The leave vote is on its way to creating a political and social environment reminiscent of a precursor to an international war.

Perhaps while we seek out and fear the radical: the hopeless can be more dangerous.
Nice Truck

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