26. NHS Bill Free for All

The Government is sneaking the NHS Health & Care Bill through before the summer recess. The bad news is that the Bill opens up the NHS to American insurance companies with no scrutiny to bid on private NHS tenders.

The truth is that this has been going on for a while. As you might have noticed. Scans, tests, & physiotherapy are now provided by private companies hired by the NHS. But this Bill puts the whole NHS up for grabs with no scrutiny. It opens it up like a free market full of goodies belonging to the State.

The NHS was established in the UK traumatised by war and death. It was to give the whole population basic healthcare free. The world is now broken up into opportunities for competition and profit. The NHS is swimming in a wet sea of marketing, and capitalist opportunity trying to stay dry. Like the BBC.
In this world voters have to make considerable efforts against the inexorable tide of modern capitalism. Local politics is the exception where voters vote for real issues affecting their lives. Like new train routes, and building in the countryside.
Contact your nearest Tory MP! Sign the Petition Here!

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