5. News of the World – Culture

News of the World – Culture
This week I have noticed the culture of the News of the World. Phone hacking was rife, and the relationships between journalists andreporters were corrupted by payments for information. Our surprise is that this can happen and perhaps more surprisingly that the acceptable can become acceptable. The environment becomes a culture where once phone hacking and corruption might have seemed unacceptable becomes acceptable, even normal. This change in culture occurs in countries, organisations, groups, and families. You might have some experience of this. More closely looked at, perhaps it is not so surprising.

One necessary ingredient is the capacity of the participants particularly those who hold the authority or power to look the other way: this combined with the capacity that humans have of fooling themselves. What is known to be wrong might become more acceptable. Unless something is said it is assumed that there is some tacit approval being communicated, encouraging the unacceptable to be seen as more acceptable? The next ingredient is time. Imagine walking a mile in the countryside: you would go through different settings, and arrive at a different place. If you were asked to walk that mile inch by inch, it would be a different experience. Slower, with little changes occurring. Does culture change like this? Slowly, unnoticeably until you only notice its change by looking back. Is this is similar to aging? For another blog!Lastly there has to be a pay off or benefit: in this scenario greed, money, circulation figures? By looking at our own personal and unique experience of our own culture can we understand our own choice of what is acceptable and unacceptable, and perhaps more significantly who benefitted?
News of the World – Culture

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