41. New Years Eve

New Years Eve   Adrian Scott North London Counsellor Blog      www.counsellingme.co.uk
New Years Eve is a strange time where the calendar is reset so that the new year can begin again from zero.

For some a time to look back and observe what they have achieved in the previous year for others a looking forward to what can be achieved in the year to come.
As described in Thought for the Day yesterday morning apparently for Samuel Johnson New Year’s Eve was a difficult time. He would stay up until early in the morning wrestling with his thoughts and emotions about what he hadn’t achieved. He struggled to sum up how we felt though was grateful that he had survived another year.
New Years Eve
It can also be a time of regret where we look back and ponder on the things that we wished had not happened or that we had not done.
New Years Eve

By all media reports it has been a dire year of calamity, cutbacks, and fear. Yet is there any argument against feeling that the only and best time to live is right now at the end of 2014. Apart from not having any choice here is
a list of alternative views in the year 2014.

everything is amazing smallSexual Abuse
Traditional view: the cover up of terrible revelations of institutionalised sexual abuse not being dealt with by appropriate authorities
Alternative: Finally 2014 is the year that sexual abuse is not a taboo. It can be talked about and recognised and hopefully something done about it. Includs the suspected revelation that sexual abuse of minors is prolific in the political elite.

Traditional view: The rise of Fascism.
Alternative: in 2014 a discussion took place about immigration without being labelled racist. Now we can all see who these people are and what they represent.These views have always been held by the right but always underground. Now it is out in the open.

Islamic Fundamentalism
Traditional view: the slaughter and mass murder of innocent people in the name of a religion which is not the intention of the religion.  The manipulation and brainwashing of young people to give up their lives in suicide missions killing hundreds of people at a time.
Alternative: the outing of repressive regimes supported by the west. An effort to try and express an alternative view to the corruption and morality of the secular world dominated by colonialism, money and an increasing gap between rich and poor.

Traditional view: the domination of the finance industry’s greed and when it goes wrong has to be bailed out by the tax payer. The unstoppable force of the market where bankers’ bonuses march on – with the ever increasing austerity cuts in public services in 2015. Large companies rip off UK PLC by not paying tax.
Alternative: the begining of the faintest possibility of a conversation that the money system benefits the few but not the masses. The recognition and mounting anger that the rich elite are becoming more and more rich and that there has to be some system to close the gap between rich and poor. Tax avoidance is now not clever and shameful. We all contribute to this by wanting everything cheaper.

Missing Airplanes / Runaway Refuse Truck
Traditional view: terrible incomprehensible acts of fate which kill people going about their everyday lives.
Alternative: it could have been us. We are lucky. We all hang onto life by a thread. We should try and appreciate it.
New Years Eve

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This article is designed to provoke argument and critique.   New Years Eve
New Years Eve

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