44. New! BACP Ethical Framework

Peter Jenkins critiques the New! BACP Ethical Framework.
His supposition is that the organisation like people has gone through a series of experiences that have New! BACP Ethical Frameworkimpacted on the way the New! BACP Ethical Framework has been created.

The strange tale of Bernard Manning an offensive comedian able to join the BACP register kicked the organisation in “to a rule-based and performance-driven modern entity.” The fiasco of the BACP leading the government who abandoned the regulation of counsellors added to the trauma.

One reaction to trauma is fear and control. The Francis Report into the maladministration and poor medical practice in the Staffordshire NHS is cited as something the BACP wants to avoid. The BACP has fallen back on the powerful world of safety and ethics in the medical model which might not suit the ethics of counselling and psychotherapy. The resort is to fall back onto the legality of a medical model template.
How well will the BACP serve its members in a climate of fear and control?

Like organisations we all react to trauma in different ways. To want to order and control in the face of trauma is normal. It is a way to survive the pain and shock. Yet in the long term this control can work against what we want to gain for ourselves and others in our lives. We can become closed and shut off to new experiences that would make our lives more fulfilling and richer.

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