32. “Napalm Girl”

Marianismo is the Latina term for women being feminine and carrying out typical feminine roles of caring for others: naplam-girlrelatives and children. The idea goes back to colonial Spanish conquest of the Americas. Marianismo is modelled on the Virgin Mary with the characteristics of saintliness and submissiveness.

Marianismo and Machismo were thought to be underlying factors in the wave of killing of women in the Mexican city of Juarez. In 2011 over 300 women were killed in the city. They were often assaulted, mutilated, tortured, raped and then dumped in the desert. Women with dark skin, slender figures and dark hair were specifically targeted. The Mexican Justice system completely failed to punish the perpetrators to this day.

The factors behind this appear to be impunity, drug turf wars, and a backlash towards women for moving out of their traditional roles. The increase of labour using maquiladoras – manufacturing projects creating jobs which women began to do. They came from the poor countryside into the city to work.  Modern marianismo is claiming back a role for women which includes creating a career alongside the usual traditional roles.

Mens’ hatred of women and womens’ bodies always seems to be bubbling up to the surface somewhere.
And so it seems with so called “Naplam Girl” The war and humanitarian message of the image was at risk of being eclipsed by the nudity of the image. Saintliness over napalm murder. The women’s body is either to be revered or desecrated.

Like the Brexit vote areas of the biggest handouts from Mother Europe voted leave. The contributions created resentment not thanks. There is an exclusivity of women in the world bringing up boys. This creates a perception that it is women who have the control over babies and boys from an early age. Boys grow up to be men who hate this womens’ role.
In war and impunity the hatred comes to the surface. Even in civilised places.

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