15. Muslim Mayor

So London has the first Muslim Mayor in Europe. After negative campaigning by the right Londoners ignored the Muslim Mayorpolitics. The spin of linking the new mayor to extremism could have been a hook –  that a more Trump like electorate might be attracted to. Politicians using extremism to increase information gathering by a right wing government meant to frighten the voters.
But Londoners voted overwhelmingly for diversity, tolerance and acceptance. A rare ray of light in the political landscape.
Son of a bus driver and a seamstress. Sadiq Khan is truly as the catchphrase would have it
“a man of the people”. A symbol that transcends the old ideas of Britain to a modern multi cultural diverse UK.
Across Europe there is a trend of urban areas being more left wing and country areas more right wing. Ethnicity has a something to do with this.
But perhaps more that the countryside has more of an indigenous population. Less used to change and diversity. Middle England is the back bone of the UK more resistant to change. It holds together the stability of rule of law.
Do we flock to the urban areas for work? Or to be amongst diversity, change, and dynamism? Certainly the excitement and variety of cities attracts students and youngsters away from the boroughs.
It is also where migrant populations are attracted. More likely to be less scrutinised and find someone of their own kind. Migrants politicised by traumatic events in their own country. Where urban areas lend themselves more to radical politics than the country side.

Welcome to the Muslim Mayor from Londoners living in a diverse metropolis.

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