39. Muriel Box

Muriel Box 1905-1991 was the most prolific woman film director in the UK.
Yet nobody has heard of her. Her films focused on womens’ issues such as child prostitution, venereal disease and the police.

In 1945 she won a screen award for best screenplay for the film The Seventh Veil starring James Mason.Born in New Malden London she absorbed her mother’s left wing principles and developed a passion for writing.

Encouraged by her producer husband they formed a production company which enabled him to get directing roles which his wife took over and directed herself. Such were the anti women feelings in the film industry at the time.Her films explored the battle of the sexes with feminist plots with twists and turns playing with the power roles of men and women.

She experienced many forms of prejudice. Men doubted her skills and pulled finance out of her projects. Even other women didn’t support her wanting her male counterparts instead. She struggled with her career illustrating the prejudices of the time. She left the film industry to focus on writing and setting up a successful publishing house Femina.

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