27. Munich Loner

AMunich Lonernother shooting in Europe at this time unconnected to terrorism.
Also this was a man a Munich Loner bullied at Munich Lonerschool, had mental health issues and obsessed over mass shootings.
Does one desperate act give permission to desperately act out another?

Tortured individuals putting their long held plan into effect. Like in my previous blog it seems these men are desperate loners: unhappy with their lives and wanting vengeance.
But vengeance against who? It seems his victims were from all over Europe. What does it mean when the victims are chosen at random? Well – not chosen at all.

This is lashing out. A sense of despair and hopelessness. Wanting to get rid of something sensed at any cost. There is no feeling. There is no thinking. There is no speaking.
What is being experienced is a primitive sense of the unbearable: and that has to be expelled.
It is so repeated in human history that it seems typically and essentially human.

Yet perhaps the problem is not the lashing out. It is the world it is held in. The curse of the 21st Century is isolation. Lashing out in isolation when others are not around to reason, placate and listen. Lashing out in isolation stores up the feeling to be stronger the next time. Most of all in isolation nobody notices. Nobody understands. Then the lashing out needs to be bigger & stronger to expel the ever increasing sense of the unbearable.

The emptiness of the space that surrounds the lashing forces the loner on. Unable to be alone. Unable to be with. Unable to cope with the isolation of the alone. The pressure builds up. And up. And up.
Then it erupts into something we cannot understand.
What we have to understand and imagine is the isolation and despair in peoples’ lives,
and how little help they have with it.
Munich Loner

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