24. Mullet

The Mullet hairstyle is back apparently. The 1980’s footballer look has returned! It’s resilience as a haircut going  back in time to ancient civilizations. It keeps the neck warm and snug in winter and stops it burning in the summer. It is now finding its way back onto the catwalk. Pop stars are now seen sporting this “new” trendy look!

Mulletfest took place in Australia for the first time this year. The town of Kurri Kurri was adorned with a crowd of mullet wearing aficianadoes.

The significance of hair is timeless. The tale of Samson and Delilah. Samson with his long hair denoting strength. Then when it was cut – weakness. The lion and its mane being the King of the Jungle. The Tale of Rapunzel and the rope of hair to attract a mate. The power of hair is endless. It makes us look young and old depending on the onlooker. A Theory of Hair? The ritual of combing, brushing and braiding of hair. The time at the end of the day before going to bed. Boys have short hair, girls have long. Is hair one of the first signs of sexuality?
Unkempt hair is a sign of unhappiness or a chaotic lifetsyle, or rebellion?


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