7. Mudrooms

Mudrooms are places in the house where you take off your dirty boots and enter the house cleanly. Apparently mudrooms people in the US renovating their homes create mudrooms along party lines. Republicans have more mudrooms in their houses than Democrats. Republican couples are more likely to have separate sinks, and the man is more likely to be in charge of the project.
Got to stop that mud contaminating the house.

This highlights a division between the liberal and conservative mind set.
Conservatives see the world as a threat. They are aggressive towards it, or defend against it. Being pro gun, Religious, and Family orientated these values keep them safe. These beliefs protect them from the threat of the outside world. The other – immigrants, different classes are seen as a threat to their life style. Success is admired in terms of money. Self sufficiency is king/queen. By earning money you are seen as having lots of something to protect you and your family with.

Liberals feel the world is less of a threatening place. They do not need religion and family to protect them from a harsh world. The world is kinder. Money is less important, and people should be protected not aggressed. Happy to pay taxes to help others, Liberals use education and science to solve problems.

This divide starts early in families. The level of fear and mistrust in the household creates an atmosphere where mind sets are created. Domestic violence can be seen as the threat of an outside world replaying itself inside the family. Protectionism in a family forms a protectionist view of the world. Everything is unsafe. Defend yourself.
Got to build more mudrooms.

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