12. More Brexit

The Brexit process is at one extreme- chaos, at the other – reflective of the divisions expressed by the original Brexit Referendum.

Whatever your point of view there is the lack of analysis. There seems little chance to think deeply about what has happened and essentially HOW it has happened.

Still some topics appear taboo. Communities overwhelmed by an influx of people, perceived to be supported and given more. The fact that wages are so depressed, can partly be explained by workers willing to work for less for a new life in the West? A legitimate concern or racism?

Apparently a lot of rich people are going to become even richer in the land of Brexit. Are these the same people wanting to leave the EU? Money has no borders. Manufacturing has borders with tariffs.

Or a sense of nostalgia of a lost country that cannot be reconciled? Brexit can be interpreted as a nation dealing with Loss. Who loses most, and how it is to be avoided is what is unclear: and open to ideolgy & argument.
Who knows about Brexit?


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