38. Moneyland

Moneyland. The real Goldfinger was called Siegmund Warburg.
In this era we are complacent but not shocked to be told that the wealth of the world is held by fewer and fewer individuals. This was not always so. After WW2 the poor were becoming richer and everyone was more equal.

The destabilising of currencies and economies falling apart contributed to two World Wars. So the Allies manipulated a worldwide economy which restricted the flow of currencies by linking the world economy to the US dollar and gold. As ever the system was biased to the west so it was up for being side stepped. To cut a long story short Warburg found a legal way around this. The magic of the Eurobond. It let the City of London free.

This created what Oliver Bullough called Moneyland. Offshore finance and a world where wealthy individuals and their money remain protected from scrutiny. This enormous wealth perverts lives and countries in the name of profit. Companies become so big that governments have to stretch laws, turn the other way and hide how advertising, the media, and the internet is being influenced to favour them. Beware Moneyland.

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