25. Moments of Race -ism

Black Men supporting children in poverty. Black men making national sporting mistakes. Taking the knee is gesture politics. And now the Tory party is waking up to its own racism? Wearing masks is voluntary and advisable but upto personal responsibility.

Here we are in the age of populism. Personal Responsibility. Do what you like. Where nations expose the underbelly of their prejudices/views repressed during more gentler times. Where politicians exercise their personal preferences on a world stage.

In one way dangerous. In another way exposing what most knew was always there. Like the ruins of a national transference (see previous post) the mist clears to expose the ruins of history, colonisation, & prejudice.

The human brain is wired to be around the familiar and therefore safe. To part of a white population colour is other. It triggers a primitive fear of being dislocated, overwhelmed, a way of life taken away. Global capitalism encourages this overwhelm and easily associates it with colour. Wrongly. With education and awareness and a containment of our own fears the racial melting pot is welcome.

But we all have our prejudices around colour however woke. To feel this is a humbling, disconcerting experience. Many feel like those expressing these views – but are clever enough not to say so.

The system we all live in and profit from is inherently colour biased. One of many biases. As long as we profit from it we can afford to ignore those who do not profit from it. This is the central plank to a post industrial capitalist system.

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