5. Missing at Brexit

The Prime Minister was missing at Brexit on the day the UK left the European Union. He was nowhere to be seen. 
Was this to be seen as not crowing about his Brexit victory? Was he being nice to Remainers? As the vote was so close he wants to keep the Electorate united and together?

The idea that the Prime Minister is a remainer makes more sense. Apparently he hates the B word. Never wants to hear it. Brexit was a game. He never believed people would believe what he said. Look at his face on Brexit morning. The horror of what he had achieved had dawned on him.

Another idea from Ken Clarke (27mins 53secs) is populist leaders are not politicians. They have no political mandate or direction. They have charisma and values which are against the establishment and political processes. There are many people in the general population like this. So they have a lot of support.

The main theme that the UK and the US share is that its disenfranchised populations want their countries to return to an era where they felt important. To live in communities with work.
Missing at Brexit


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