16. Millionaire Matchmaker

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Patti Stanger is the millionaire matchmaker. She is working in Los Angeles, home of the young and free to find suitable dates for her registered millionaires. She is tough: particularly around the older men wanting younger women. A lot of her time is spent trying to convince guys that they do not want a girlfriend who is under 30yrs old when they are in their late 40s.

Why would they want to go on to the millionaire matchmaker show to do this, and have this prejudice aired across the nation? Is it their firm belief that younger is better? What sort of conversation do they expect to have with their younger date? Are they on the show in the first place because they are men who really want a younger woman as a trophy? Do they have opportunities to date women of their own age in their normal lives: but not younger women who pass them up? Is Patti being set up to be an older man’s agency for dating younger women?

Patti the millionaire matchmaker is no fool and sniffs this out a mile away. The millionaire has everything. Home, cars, toys and lifestyle. A woman is the final accessory, who is a human not an object.

The show comes across as an advert for women’s liberation through Patti’s sassy no bulls**t approach of matching men with women through connection, intelligence and desire. And/ or a sleazy attempt to satisfy the need of millionaire men and women who have bought everything, and now want the final prize to complete the set.
This is entertainment in 2014.

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