31. Metamerism

Metamerism is the concept of colour changing under different tones of light. Ever bought something in the shop then bring it home and it doesn’t look the same colour? The light in the shop and at home is not the same. Look at the colour of a car and all the panels are different colours from each other, and from the middle to the edges.

Metamerism is the difference of the reflection curves of two colours which look the same under a given form of lighting (e.g. electric bulb light, daylight). Only colours which display the same remission curves will be perceived as the being the same colour under various light sources.

Industry tries to rid colour of its changeability to produce consistent products. The consumer wants their phone and computer to look the same as the picture and everyone else’s phone and computer.

For example you can darken the colour red by adding a black pigment, but by adding a complimentary colour like green it will make a deeper darker red.

Hella Jongerius sees herself at the vanguard of trying to challenge industry into seeing and using colour differently. Using her Colour Catchers as canvases which capture unique light. Shaped to bring in the light and to show its difference and parts she shows the watcher the depth of each colour.

We all know this in nature: the colour green has so many hues across the sight of the landscape. The artist is expert at showing light and shadow. The way industry and the artist work with colour is so different.
Industry has yet to catch up.

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