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The US is spying on Europe. Tapping phone calls all over the world including the German Chancellor’s Merkels mobile.
Apparently this is all related to Edward Snowden’s campaign to out the US’s covert behaviour to protect itself from its enemies.
Why is anyone so surprised? Whatever you read about this – the writer makes the same point. Why is anyone so surprised? What is all the fuss about? Partly media hype? And partly somebody was found out? Everyone knows it’s going on. Countries snoop on each other. They always have and they always will.
Merkels mobile
It is the difference between knowing something is going on, but being able to ignore it as there is no real evidence. Then when the evidence arrives it brings the thought into reality. A form of denial?
Denial happens a lot in relationships. One partner suspects that the other is doing something. You immediately jump to the idea of an affair? Try more mundane? Eating chocolate alone. Drinking alcohol? In a veggie household sneakily eating meat in restaurants? We all suspect things of the other. We are not sure of them. Is it important? Is it worth bringing up? Will what we are doing be exposed in retaliation?
Denial can be damaging. But denial can protect us from the hurts of life. It gives the other the benefit of the doubt. It makes the difference between what is liveable with and what we cannot tolerate. The fear of couples going into therapy is that their denial will be exposed. They will hear something in front of the therapist witness that will expose them. It can never rest in denial again. A one way trip.
Merkels Mobile

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