27. Mediterranean Boredom

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Much is made of the Mediterranean diet and how much healthier it is than the northern European diet.
Perhaps more significant is the Mediterranean lifestyle outside the big commercial centres. People who are living close to work without the hassle and fatigue of commuting. Having a siesta in the middle of the day to recharge the batteries is an unaffordable luxury in the northern europe.
But maybe it is to do with the heat but there seems to be an expertise in doing things slowly, allowing a lot of time, without there being a pressure to being particularly occupied. Mediterranean Boredom.
In fact there is an openness to not being occupied with anything to do in the hotter climates of the Mediterranean. The theory about tribes in cold climates having to huddle together on the ice against the cold occupied with staying warm does not hold as the Mediterranean have cold winters to contend with.
But there is something in having long parts of the year in extreme heat where to do anything is difficult. It forces its populations to learn to tolerate boredom and being unoccupied. This is an opportunity to muse, dream and to be with the self in a way which is compatible with the lifestyle. The lifestyle does not have to force to make time to be with the self. The lifestyle has the component of being unoccupied with the self, incorporated in it.
Do we recognise this in our quest for the sun? Could it not only be about the status of a tanned skin? But also an opportunity not to have to think about anything except lying down, and staying cool at the beach? We have to fly south to live a Mediterranean lifestyle with Mediterranean boredom!

A connection to the Mediterranean and mental health?
Mediterranean Boredom

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