23. Meaningless Meaning

Meaningless Meaning is the idea that the modern world creates a false meaning unrelated to the meaning itself. Like to sell a car: adverts describe a lifestyle that can be gained when owning the particular car. Not what the car actually is. But an abstract idea or concept attached to it. This life style cannot be achieved as it is undefinable. So we are persistently dissatisfied, striving for an unreachable lifestyle goal.

Maeaing is applied to everything. Products are judged by the meaning they hold. Meaning has become short term: daily. Every task crammed into finite time has to have meaning. Creating meaning has become just another task. With no end or end to meaning.

The freedom to create meaning needs a social system to support it. If you have no support to enact your freedom then freedom is meaningless. As you cannot enact it! But can you argue that people lead lives of meaningless? The struggle of life appears to occupy most so that life is in some way tolerable. Is shopping and ambition enough?

On the surface it seems a large part of the population is satisfied with life? But are they? Are we clever or aware enough to even think about meaning in our lives? Do we have the time and leisure to think? Or be?

The impact of modern life that is split and fractured creates loneliness and depression. Is this meaning? Meaning could mean being productive or not productive at all depending on your point of view. How do you critique a population that is happy with shopping and ambition. Yet we are unhappy (meaning?) depressed and dissatisfied in modern life. More depression and mental health issues. Where does how we feel fit in? How do we feel about meaning?

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