19. May 1968

In May 1968 France was the closest that a western country in recent times has nearly had a revolution. The working class and students revolted against the status quo. The whole country and its bureaucracy came to a halt. De Gaulle the French President fled to Germany, dissolved the National Assembly, and called for new parliamentary elections.

50 years later without irony a couple of fashion houses have created an
ad campaign to celebrate the event. Young people and Revolution is sexy.
Great to sell stuff. Such is the consumption of culture to be re-sold back to us.

In a Freudian sense, if May 1968 killed the Father Figure (at least in the West), the offspring today is a multitude of neoliberal barbarisms, with defunct paternalist Capital opening the playing field to the brutality of hyper-concentrating global finance Masters of the Universe.

Today the most likely place for Revolution is from the mass immigration of young people from the East left to languish in poverty across the West. Would anyone today support them? Is there too much to lose? Mortgages, kids, tuition fees and loss of career? Perhaps this underestimates them. Younger generations have taken the full brunt of a life with nothing but the market place. Maybe not.

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