41. Masseduction

Masseduction is the new album by St Vincent. In the Era of Trump, Brexit, Sex crimes, & Gender Fluidity. The idea is that we seduce and are seduced by people, products, lifetsyles through the lens of the media. Like all good seductions the facts and the substance behind the seduction are hidden and maybe not what they seem.

Masseduction. This was the case in Brexit. What was the UK voting for? Sovereignty? Independence? A howl of rage against the destructive forces of the Free Market? The easy target of immigration? Were voters seduced by the chance of not paying membership fees to the EU? The perception of not having the EU making laws for the UK?
The Brexit story is still unfolding, of two sides not willing or able to meet in the middle.

Trump and his dubious history with women, was selling a version of the American Dream. His make the US Great again was similar to a Churchillian cry to arms. He promised a revival of American industry and jobs. Being a business man he promised deals. His frustration and blurty tweets show how deals may not be the medium of politics.

The most seductive and clever of all the seducers is the marketplace. It blatantly uses sex and gender and blatantly excludes more complex grey areas of sex and sexuality in its advertising. Consume at any price. It makes us consume even if we don’t want to. Everything we put in our bodies, where we are entertained, and who entertain with is all processed by the market place.
And then sold back to us as a life style choice.

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