38. Manspreading



Manspreading is becoming a dangerous activity. Men sitting on public transport legs wide open is inconvenient, and takes up space that others are denied. But it seems manspreading is also for presidents and royalty.

Men it seems have to continuously show that they are male, and are out to impress. Male animals have always had to preen, strut, and puff up their wares. In this  way they control territory, intimidate the enemy, and of course try to impress the opposite sex. Is an overt display of manliness or virility actually to cover up the opposite? Desperate for attention, very insecure, or just wants to show off.

The world is divided about whether this is a feminist issue. On the one hand not an issue, on the other a form of subjugation. Women are more approachable on public transport, and trained to make space for others. Women are raised to sit with their legs closed, to be quiet, and discreet. Men are not taught to be discreet. Maleness has the power.

This is modern patriarchy: women are generally seen as less than men. Particularly in the public space men and women have very different experiences of the same situation. Men have it easier. Manspreading could be interpreted as a show of domination born from a long historical privilege. It might seem like a small thing when there are so many more important issues that feminism needs to address. But the myriad of small slights gather up to be as big as important as the bigger ones.

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