29. Mansplaining

Another example of mansplaining in the news this week. Possibly on the back of the BBC releasing their top stars’ income. Depending on your point of view this is another example of structural sexism, or women hating men.

Its easy to take situations on face value. One female radio presenter miffed at the higher incomes of men doing the same job. A reaction to the more comic sports presenter who has a more macho sense of humour.

But again context is everything. Mens’ pay is consistently higher than womens’ pay whatever the sector or business. In boardrooms and offices across the country women have subordinate roles to men. Men have a more bullish attitude to confidence over competence. Men bulls**t better which interview panels are more convinced by.

A big part of the male population still believes that women are less than men. But have no idea that they think like this. These men are married to women and have daughters. They can see no sexism in their behaviour but structural sexism like racism is tricky to see or identify. No one necessarily intends it but there is an outcome.

Look at the history of how society had dealt with sexual abuse and grooming of young vulnerable women, or Stephen Lawrence. Sexism is hard to identify but its impact is clear. Another impact is men being paid more then women.
Another topical impact of structural discrimination is Grenfell. Easy to identify the macabre husk of a block of flats. Difficult to tease out the attitudes and beliefs that led to the building being dangerously clad.

Still don’t get it? Some have given up. Reni Eddo-Lodge has by writing a book called “Why I’m not Talking to White People about Race“. Things change so slowly. We only have primitive brains. We cannot change quickly.
But still sexism, discrimination and racism continue.

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