20. Manchester May 2017

Manchester May 2017
So a desperate young man known to the authorities and his own community manages to slip the net and kill 22     people and himself coming out of a pop concert. He was a muslim man a description politicians and press are not describing him as. The report states one of his acquaintances thought he was not clever and able to be easily influenced. High command saw their mark and ruthlessly exploited him with their ideology.

Like all human groups in peace or war there is a heirarchy. The officers command the troops. The troops die for the cause, while the officers quietly stay/retreat back to high command. The cause is implemented by those higher up the command. The cause is always explained logically, as though to think something else is unreasonbale or blasphemous.

Making the link between the West bombing other parts of the world and terrorists coming from those parts of the world seems obvious. But to make the link makes the establishment look like it has its own “foreign fighters“, and are more like the people who are attacking/retaliating against the West. In the end whatever the fight, the end only ends with talking.

Those Manchester families are now having an unimaginable Saturday night. Which last Saturday night was normal. The trauma of loss on the families physically and emotionally will impact on the rest of their lives. They will not recover from the bereavement, but perhaps one day the event will grow an inner strength of courage and humility, the rest of us will not have.

We can pretend, as the insurance industry would have us do, that we are in control of certainty. But what has not changed over the last centuries is how we are not. Our relationship to certainty has changed. We have become more arrogant. Our dislocation from the planet and nature has cut us off from the fragility of our lives.
Every day we hang by a thread.
Manchester May 2017

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