8. Male Hysteria

Hysteria (based on the Greek word for Uterus) a Freudian term used to describe psychological symptoms.
Sensory, motor and disassociative illnesses in his patients. Female patients.
Freud a 19th Century man with all the associated prejudices of that time. Mental health, the power men had over women, in a patriarchal, heirarchical society.

Once an idea is lodged in cultural thought it is difficult to dislodge. Even when there is a mass of evidence against the idea. The idea being that there is no such thing as male hysteria.

The ideal male behaves in a way that is the opposite of hysteria. Ideal male traits are calmness, control, quietness, and confidence. The fear of male hysteria is so overwhelming, that male behaviour is dominated by it. Humans use opposites to cope. Male hysteria is cured by the opposite.

History is full of men doing hysterical deeds under the male camouflage of calmness and control. From Churchill’s Commanding War Rhetoric, to the Brexit Referendum, to the Building of Walls – Hadrian & the Mexican Border.
For all time Men are doing Male Hysteria.

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