21. Magdalene Laundries

Magdalene Laundries was a system of slavery for women from broken homes and unmarried mothers run by catholic nuns. It doesn’t seem too fantastical to link this injustice to the repeal of the Abortion Law in Southern Ireland recently.

This turning of the tide or just catching up with the 21st Century depending on your point of view is seen by Church Leaders in Ireland as the waning influence of the Irish Church. More to the point that this sense of institutional cruelty forcing vulnerable women into dangerous situations was seen as something that couldn’t be sustained.

The Pope remains silent. Looking South for a more certain fan base.

The Prolife Movement is still powerful now backed by more and more science. Though the issue of abortion has always been linked to poverty. The dilemma between more children to feed, or more to be supported by. The role of and identity of women living in poverty is still discriminated against. The situation is complicated but always heavily influenced by male policy makers and religion.
Magdalene Laundries

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