37. Loneliness

The media tell us that loneliness is a big problem for us in the 21st Century.
There is a Minister of Loneliness.

Why now? It hasn’t always been this way. 
The demise of religion? Nothing to believe in? Has the rise of the individual in the industrial age set us up to suffer disconnection and dislocation?

It could be a warning like fear or sadness. A warning that we are disconnected. Not joined to a group or a place. People are ashamed to say that they suffer from it.

Suffer from loneliness. Even the phrase is said without scrutiny. It is so negative in our culture.

With curiousity and attention it would seem to be a natural outcome to the life styles we are forced to live in the present day.

Instead of asking what meaning does our life have? We put meaning to it by acquiring stuff, having ambition, and making choices for ourselves. We get what we want but not what we need. The calming effect of speaking to others about ourselves. Not what we have done or acheived.
But who we are. How we think. What we wish for. 

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