10. Lizzo Quits

LIzzo quits and then doesn’t.
To this day we still see people of difference – race creed colour body shape attacked on social media.
We appear to find other intolerable. We have to attack to the point where it goes away.

To compulsively repeat we are hard wired genetically to seek out the familiar. We are drawn to others who we feel safe and comfortable with. Anything else is deemed a threat.

We are taught that we shouid be inclusive, welcome the other, tolerate difference. Ultimately in the modern world we feel different. As our hard wired brain outside our village of origin treats everything as a danger.

To challenge this as teenagers we can feel different to our families, and rebel against them. Could this be the confines of nuclear families? Would we feel different in our villages of origin. Where there would be many versions of familiar safe and not so safe depending on our preverbal experience. But in the village we might not have to be brought up by parents after the initial months.

To be aware of our hard wired brains we might have more impact on our intolerances and prejudices.
Back to LIzzo ….

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