Counsellor Counselling Psychotherapist Psychotherapy

Counsellor Counselling Psychotherapist Psychotherapy            

Counselling and Counsellor Psychotherapy and Psychotherapists what is it all about? Like any profession there is a hierarchy, or pecking order. There are many points of view, prejudices, and arguments in the profession. This is just one. The profession does not have a clear view of itself, and there are factions, groups and splits.

Don’t be fooled. There is good and bad in all professions. You can have a very well trained practitioner who is not good. A barely trained practitioner who is a brilliant with clients. Now the profession has become a real profession from a small cottage industry it started as. Now people decide that they want to be a counsellor or psychotherapist so they sign up to a training, have their work monitored with supervision, and have their own person therapy.
Counsellor Counselling Psychotherapist Psychotherapy

The order this is written is important. 10-20 years ago the order was reversed. The emphasis was on own personal therapy, supervision, and then training. Nobody made the decision to be a counsellor or therapist. You were in therapy for a few years and then and only then you were accepted on a training course.

The idea was that if you are to sit in front of someone and expect them to bare their soul, you have to have your own soul bared yourself. This was the main prerequisite – if not the only one. Therapy, therapy and more therapy.

The pinnacle of the profession in terms of length of training and academic prowess is psychoanalysis. This is the nearest practice to Freud the Father of Psychoanalysis where all the approaches spring from. Some would argue about this.

Counsellor Counselling Psychotherapist Psychotherapy


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