17. L’Inconnu / The Unknowable

2023 is a year of The Unknowable. Nothing seems to make sense. Big stuff with big impact out of our control.
We feel weak vulnerable helpless: lost frightened afraid. Scared to death.

It isn’t helped that 21st Century living demands the knowing of everything. Outside the realm of knowing is a dangerous place. Certainty, Knowledge, The Truth, Being Right, are the cornerstones of modern life. Money, Commerce, Insurance, Busyness conspire to give us the illusion of safety.

The Unknowable: Lost Lonely Longing Confused In Pain Helpless Hopeless are all frightening places to be in the modern world. Deemed unnatural, unhelpful, to be fixed. No wonder our struggles with Mental Health. Freud would call it our avoidance of the inevitability of death.

We have disabled our natural instincts to live in an unsafe world: which is what our psyche is designed to do. Previously in our village what was unknowable was made a ritual to live with. We had a connection to Nature which guided us through the seasons. Oral traditons and tales reassured us of ancestors & their eternal struggle we also suffer. We had a village of support: people of all ages and skills who brought us up. A wisdom of living taken from life experience not knowledge. In a way far more known than in the split off lives we live presently.

To be lost, be wrong, be caught out, be challenged, makes us alive if we can embrace it.

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