41. The Leveson Enquiry and Salty Cheese

On the same day of Lord Justice Leveson’s report on how the press is going to be regulated, a survey is published on the high salt content of cheese.
The press is obsessed by itself. It is frantically worried that it is going to be told what it can and cannot do. Its connection to the police, politicians, and the entertainment industry is its life blood, and its poison.
The Leveson Enquiry and Salty Cheese

To look at it another way it is an expose of how humans communicate unfettered by political correctness or the service nicety of the public and third sectors.
Humans huddle together to gain influence, power, or survival. It does not matter – it is the nature of humans. Like the Royal Family’s close ties to the Royal Families of the Arab states, like attracts like. Politicians need the press’ access and influence to the electorate to win power. The police want to keep in with the press to forward their aims and to cover up or turn a blind eye when things go wrong. Look at Hillsborough – the immediate press reaction was to blame the fans not the police.
Then why are we so shocked?
The marketing and selling of democracy emphasises freedom and fairness. It creates the illusion that power can be monitored and held to account. To be fair democracy appears to be able to do this but not until long periods of time have passed while blameless individuals are hurt. Democracy does not react quickly. It needs evidence of repeated failings topped with a heinous injustice such as the what happened to the Dowler family.
The Leveson Enquiry and Salty Cheese

Democracy does not react to the building pressure of low level crimes but to the peak of bad behaviour. The marketing of democracy lulls us into a false sense of fairness that is  not true.

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